Q: I would like to get a quote for yard maintenance on this specific date. I don't want to pay a fee or a deposit for this bid. Also, I would prefer that your quote be emailed since I am not comfortable being contacted directly through my phone. 

A: We need a lot more information than you have initially provided to work up a competitive and binding quote. We need the address to view the property, a quantitative description of the scope of work desired versus the present condition of the outdoor space, especially a quote desired by a specific date. In this specific case, that desired quote completion date is already booked with confirmed work orders.

Thanks for your interest. We don't charge a deposit or a service visit charge for quotes during the 120 days between November 21st - March 21st. We can not satisfy your request because of policies and procedures of our business model explained below:

  •  We are booked through the month of May and rain changes our schedule proportionately to a first paid, first satisfied basis. 
  • We assume that your preference to be contacted exclusively through email is possibly because your primary criteria is price first and are looking to sort interviews solely based on that criteria. 
  • Primarily we don't believe in charging for quotes but we don't want to waste anyone's time by chasing ghosts either. 
  • We don't quote jobs for free during the summer months. 
  • Quotes for jobs during the spring (March 22nd thru Memorial Day) require a deposit based on gas expense which is refunded 100 % when feedback on quote is given.

Please fill out the work order, conveniently located by clicking on the REQUEST tab of our website, with your choices of services offered with a estimated size and scope of the work desired then it would be a snap to give you a "ballpark figure" that would be firmed up with an on site visit and an definite agreement to give feedback on the quote to keep it viable for a period of 6 months.

Otherwise, it doesn't make financial sense to add to our overhead expenses and pass that cost on to paying customers or write off that expense unless your request is received during the dormant period of lawn service explained above.


Q: I don't see my question listed here, can I call or email you directly with my question? 

 A: Yes! 

Q: Why is your logo a poodle and why is your slogan "just like a poodle"? What does this have to do with lawn care or cutting grass?

 A:  Have you ever seen a poodle before a visit to the dog groomer and the manicured appearance of the poodle after the grooming session was completed? We, at Before and After Lawn Solutions, LLC groom your outdoor space to be a manicured environment, similar to the putting greens on the golf course or just like a poodle after a grooming session. This is accomplished by using the highest commercial grade equipment to operate on your lawn. A surgeon doesn't operate with a butter knife.

We provide lawn solutions to increase the curb appeal of your property, not the butter knife approach of just cutting the grass as high as possible in the quickest time. WE DON'T CUT GRASS..... we groom lawns.




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